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    Our cosmetics are pleasant and convenient to use. It retains its naturalness – light and medium fixation, a minimum of gloss, the gentle fragrance that complements your favorite perfume, and effective skin and hair care.

    It is safe to use our cosmetics – we control both raw materials and production. Products are manufactured at a certified factory and have all the necessary certificates. We voluntarily conduct tests at our own expense (not on animals!). We store product samples after each production and check them for stability every six months. In addition, we test all containers in the laboratory before packing the product. The results of all our research and testing are open to the user.

    Our cosmetics are an ideal gift for a boss or partner. High quality, functionality, style, and reliable production.

    Our cosmetics can be recommended and given to a friend. There is something to show off. Hardly anyone discusses with friends the experience of using funds purchased at the mass market.

    You can give our cosmetics to Dad. He may not appreciate the «new-fashioned» styling products, but beard products will definitely please him.

    Our cosmetics can be given to the Son. If he has premature beard products, then he and his Mom will like the ecological shampoo, shower gel, and styling products "like Dad".

    Our cosmetics will definitely be appreciated by a woman. Its pleasant aroma of mint and citrus and concise packaging design. And, if the girl tries our means for hair, there will be a risk that cosmetics will come to an end 2 times faster.

    Using Our Cosmetics you will be absolutely satisfied, happy that you have finally found what you have been looking for.

    - Sergiy Kleimenov, Founder

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